Five Costly Selling Mistakes

Failing to Showcase Your Home.
You position your house as a "fixer upper" when you put it on the market in need of repair.  A home not showcased to its full advantage will encourage lower offers. It is also a "red flag" indicating other hidden defects.

Over-improving before Selling. 
Sellers sometimes spend thousands of dollars making the wrong improvements in the mistaken belief that they will recoup the cost. If you are thinking of selling, we would be happy to meet with you before you undertake major improvements to discuss what upgrades are cost effective.

Not Taking the Initial Offers Seriously.
Experienced Realtors know that offers received early in the selling process typically end up being the best ones.  The home is most saleable early in the marketing period, and the amount buyers are willing to pay diminishes with the length of time a property has been on the market.  If your home is priced right and marketed strategically, you can count on receiving the best offer early in the selling process.

Mixing Business with Friendship.
Despite the fact that a house sale is the biggest financial transaction most people make in a lifetime, some sellers feel compelled to list their property with a friend or relative. To sell your home for the best price obtainable, hire your best agent, not your best friend. Negotiating skills, marketing skills, experience and neighborhood expertise can make a huge difference in the price you receive and in closing the transaction without a hitch.  A real friend will understand your decision.  

Incorrect Pricing.
Overpricing a home can be an expensive mistake. The market is so sensitive to price that overpricing, by even a few thousand dollars, usually results in a longer selling period and lower offers.

If your home is not priced competitively, buyers will reject it in favor of other larger homes for the same price.  They will be reluctant to counter with an offer, because of the great discrepancy in price. At the same time, the buyers who should be looking at your property will not see it because it is "out of their price range."

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