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Teaneck NJ is a culturally diverse community with a vibrant downtown and active cultural life. It has a more cosmopolitan feel than other suburbs in Bergen County. With a population of 39,255, Teaneck is Bergen County’s most populous community. Physically, Teaneck is the county’s seventh largest municipality, with 6.22 square miles or 3,893 acres. About 80% of Teaneck residents live in single family homes, the balance are in garden apartments, two family homes, apartment houses and condominiums. Many Teaneck residents enjoy being able to walk to houses of worship.

Some of the oldest homes in America are in Teaneck. The community experienced its greatest growth rate between 1920 and 1930 when the population quadrupled. After World War II, there was a second major spurt of building and population growth. There are beautiful stone Tudors, English stuccos and brick Dutch colonials throughout Teaneck. 

A community that has historically paid attention to the aesthetic aspects of life, there is a little light industry in Teaneck and only one major development, Glenpointe, a 50-acre complex at the intersection of Route 80 and the New Jersey Turnpike, which includes two office buildings, a luxury hotel,  condominiums, and a retail shopping area. 

Teaneck's main shopping area, Cedar Lane, is a wide boulevard of service shops, food stores, restaurants and boutiques. Teaneck NJ is also home to Holy Name Hospital, and Fairleign Dickinson University.

Teaneck’s reputation was enhanced when it was selected in 1949 as America’s model community. The national spotlight focused on Teaneck a second time in the 1960’s when it became the first community in the nation to vote for integrated schools. Teaneck today is a unique blend of religions, cultures, and ethnicities.

Teaneck NJ has 23 parks. Overpeck County Park, which is also in portions of Englewood, Leonia, Ridgefield Park and Palisades Park, is more than 800 acres.


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Population:  39,255

Distance to NYC:  14 miles

Land Area: 6.22 sq. miles

Where to Spot Locals:

  • Dining on Cedar Lane, from fast food to elegant restaurants, including Kosher, vegetarian, and halal.

  • Shopping at the Farmer's Market on Chestnut Avenue and Cedar Lane on Thursdays (2-7PM) all summer long.

  • Attending family craft nights and storytime at the Teaneck Library.

Public Schools: 

  • Bryant Elementary
  • Hawthorne Elementary
  • Lowell Elementary
  • Whittier Elementary
  • Benjamin Franklin Middle School
 • Thomas Jefferson Middle School 
  • Teaneck High School

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